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POSTED AT 12:05 PM 27-04-2017

Suspect arrested in connection with Kalutara Prison Bus shooting

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A suspect believed to have been behind the assassination attempt of notorious underworld figure ‘Samayan’ in front of the Kaduwela Magistrates’ court in 2015 has been arrested by Police units.

It is believed that the suspect may have also played a part in the Kalutara Prison bus attack on 27th February that left Samayan and 6 others dead.

The suspect, a 38 year-old resident of Buthpitiya was arrested in Kinigama, Malwathuhiripitiya, based on information uncovered by the Peliyagoda Crime Division.

In addition to his apparent involvement in the shooting of the two prison busses, the suspect was also allegedly involved in a murder in 2001 and the robbery of a van in 2013.