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POSTED AT 01:03 PM 08-02-2019

A-9 road blocked at Dambulla due to protest

The A-9 road has been completely blocked at Pannampitiya in Dambulla due to a protest.

Several parents and students of Sri Maliyadeva Primary School, Pamapitiya had carried out the protest demanding a new teacher for Grade 5 class of the school.

They said the teacher in charge of the school’s Grade 5 class had been transferred nearly two months ago.

Although the zonal education office of Galewela has, reportedly, informed in writing that a new teacher has already been appointed to the vacancy, a new teacher has not taken over the position thus far and the principal of the school has been overlooking the situation, the protestors complained.

The protesting parents had emphasized that they would continue to protest until their demand is met.

However, the protesters had concluded the protest after the police contacted the director of Galewela zonal education office T.N.Hettiarachchi and assured that the transferred teacher would be reappointed to the school by next Monday.