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POSTED AT 07:51 AM 09-09-2018

A fashion treat from across the Palk Strait

Kavita Thulasidas, the audience at the Hilton Ballroom last Sunday was told, had reinvented her grandfather’s tailoring establishment in Singapore turning it into a high-end designer store Stylemart. Bringing her creations to Colombo, “Threads of Time’, the fashion show that Kavita presented at the Colombo Hilton along with her co-organiser Anita Dorai (a Singaporean resident in Sri Lanka) set out to create waves in the local fashion scene which has its fair share of designer shows.

This they did by presenting an evening of Indian-inspired designs with all the glamour and opulence that Indian fashion delights in. The different segments of the show though presented under an East- West theme with extravagantly titled segments such as the Mystical and Mythological, Greek and Roman goddesses, the love stories of the Moghul and Rajput era and the Jazz Age had a distinct Indian thread running through them.

Elegant models floated down the runway in gossamer silk sarees, richly embroidered, heavily sequinned and crystal-encrusted creations, dramatic jewel-bright colours alternating with pale muted shades, all of which would be equally at home in a Maharaja’s court.

Newlyweds Stephanie Siriwardena and Dushyanth Weeraman provided some sizzling entertainment and the show was accompanied by cocktails and dinner as the designs showcased on the ramp went on sale soon after.

Brian Kerkoven handled the choreography, Ramani Fernando Salons, the hair and make-up and Imran Packeer Saibo of Funtime the entertainment with Anusha David of Headlines PR co-ordinating the show. The proceeds of Threads of Time  will be for the worthy cause of purchasing wheelchairs for children with Cerebral Palsy under the umbrella of Wheels for Wheels which works to raise awareness of the disease. The show was sponsored by Mobil One and Porsche whose sleek models graced the foyer.