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POSTED AT 12:41 PM 12-04-2017

CMC raid leads to legal action against 3 leading supermarkets

Image courtesy: Daily Mirror

The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) raided the supermarkets around of Hyde Park yesterday (11th April). Three leading supermarkets were found to be storing food items under unhygienic conditions, and legal actions will be taken against them.

“Due to the festive season, supermarkets usually stock a large number of food items disregarding safety regulations. There was no outdated food items detected during the raid though most of it was stored under unhygienic conditions,” Dr. Subash Mendis, the Colombo Central Medical Officer of Health (MOH), said.

They discovered food items packed tightly in freezers with no air circulation, which was against regulations.

“Freezers were found overloaded with food items and unsuitable for human consumption. We will take legal action against the three supermarkets. We will carry out sudden checks today as well,” Dr Mendis  said.

These surprise raids are carried out by the MOHs and the Public Health Inspectors of the Health Department under the instructions of Colombo Municipality’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni. The main aim of the programme is to catch vendors who violate regulations.