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POSTED AT 09:12 AM 12-03-2019

CRD introduces MILO Range for live-fire training

The Centre for Research and Development (CRD) of the Defence Ministry recently introduced Sri Lanka’s first digital close quarter combat theatre (MILO Range), thus making provision for live-fire training facilities, especially for commandos and special forces.

The Army said the low-cost digital training theatre was equipped with live-fire training facilities and operated on a digital platform similar to MILO Ranges in the US. He said it would initially be installed for commandos, special forces and training facilities, and later introduced to the Air Force, Navy and Police.

The new system uses life-size real videos running on surrounding digital screens to provide trainees with a real-time experience, instead of 3D objects that are generally projected in simulators. This way, live-fire can be used to train special operation soldiers and evaluate their performance under stress and in different training scenarios like shoot or no-shoot, skill-building and decision-making. The system also includes an instant feedback system which playbacks every episode for trainees and instructors to see their performances. This innovation is a brainchild of Major Bandula Nishshanka of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps who is attached to the CRD. He is a forensic ballistics specialist and an expert in firearms and ammunition. He is also the designer and developer of the first-ever ballistic rubber sheet in Sri Lanka for the use of training the armed forces.

The Army said this theatre could be incorporated into varieties of military training modules on either combat or non-combat. The project was launched under the guidance of CRD Director-General Brigadier (Dr) Thiran de Silva.

Brigadier Silva said it was now possible to introduce this low-cost system to the international market whilst proving the hi-tech defence related production capability of Sri Lanka to be on par with global partners.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake who visited the CRD at Pitipana in Homagama lauded the institution as well as the researcher for this novelty.

Darshana Sanjeewa