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POSTED AT 12:13 PM 30-01-2019

Cabinet proposal to sell air tickets in dollars: Oppn.

Image Courtesy: Youtube

A Cabinet proposal had been submitted seeking approval to direct all travel agents to sell airline tickets in US Dollars instead of Sri Lankan rupees, the Opposition said yesterday.

Opposition MP Sisira Jayakody said this move would only benefit foreign travel agents who plan tours to Sri Lanka.

“This will be the death of local travel agents if they have to sell airline tickets in dollars. They will no longer be able to set a price on a ticket and organise a tour properly beforehand. The large number of Sri Lankan pilgrims visiting Bodh Gaya in India will have to muster up dollars instead of rupees to purchase tickets,” he told a news briefing.

He said the move would further devalue the Sri Lankan rupee against the US Dollar.  

Lahiru Pothmulla