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POSTED AT 05:31 PM 10-10-2018

Dala Puttuwa’s DNA a match to seized tusks

The case filed with regard to the killing of the famous tusker ‘Dala Puttuwa’ was taken up before Mahawa Magistrate Asika Mallawaarachchi today (10).

The DNA report requested for the case and which had been delayed by several months had been submitted to the Mahawa Magistrate’s Court yesterday (9).

According to the report, the DNA obtained from the remains of the tusker which were discovered at the Pallekele reserve in Kahalla is a match to the ivory tusks seized by officer of the Walana anti-vice squad in the Polpithigama area.  

However, the Magistrate stated that although the remains of the tusker and the pair of tusks which are in the custody of the court are a match, the officer who appeared on behalf of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has no clear idea with regard to certain facts in the DNA report.

Therefore the magistrate ordered that an officer wit6h a clear understanding on the subject be presented to the court by the CID when the case is taken up again on December 5. The magistrate also called for a detailed report on the DNA report to be presented to the court.

In December last year, the court ordered officials from the National Zoological Gardens and the National Museum to investigate the elephant tusks and ‘gajamuthu’ handed over to court as they were suspected to be the tusks of ‘Dala Puttuwa’ who was shot dead by poachers.

The Mahawa Magistrate ordered the state officials to submit a report of their findings following the examination of the tusks and ‘gajamuthu’.

Nine suspects have currently been detained in connection to the incident.

Investigations into the killings of ‘Dala Puttuwa’ and other tuskers were handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).