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POSTED AT 05:15 PM 12-10-2017

Elon Musk offers to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid

Renewable energy entrepreneur Elon Musk says he could rebuild Puerto Rico’s shattered electrical infrastructure with his solar energy technology.

On Twitter, Musk said that his technology, which powers several smaller islands, could be scaled up to work for Puerto Rico. The island’s Governor promptly responded: “Let’s talk.”

Millions of Puerto Ricans are currently living in the dark after Hurricane Maria’s 140mph winds and torrential rain annihilated 80 per cent of the island’s electricity.

Musk’s Tesla company is best known for its electric cars, but it also incorporates SolarCity – a solar panel firm which specialises in efficiently storing large amounts of electricity in power banks.

The company says it has powered small islands, such as Ta’u in American Samoa. There, it installed a solar grid which can power the entire island and store enough electricity for three days without any sun.