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POSTED AT 06:28 PM 05-12-2018

Estate workers report to work despite ongoing strike

The protest launched by the Ceylon Workers’ Congress demanding plantation companies to increase estate workers’ basic wage up to Rs 1000 has entered its second day, stated Ada Derana reporter.

However, a large number of members of labour unions representing the estate workers including Labor National Front, National Union of Workers, Up-country People’s Front have reported for duty, as usual, today (05).

These estate workers stated that their daily basic wage should be increased up to Rs 1000, however, demanding an increase in basic wages by carrying out strikes to urge the estate companies would lead to financial issues as they are likely to not receive their salary for the following month.

They had reported for work in accordance with a request made by the leaders of the labour unions, the estate workers mentioned.

It was reported that the Ceylon Workers’ Congress had pressured several workers of Shannon Estate who had reported for duties today (05).

The authorities of estate plantations explained that the ongoing strike action of the workers has been causing financial losses for the companies.

The proposal by the estate companies to increase the basic daily wage of the workers from Rs 530 to Rs 600 and provide an all-inclusive daily wage nearly Rs 1000 has been rejected by the joint trade unions.