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POSTED AT 02:35 PM 04-05-2017

Fate and the Furious 8

This is the first warning sign that, Fast & Furious 8, the franchise is squarely in on the joke. However, instead of opening the floodgates for a helping of self-deprecating comedy, the final product feels more like a replica as opposed to something existing on its own merit .

It's almost staggering to comprehend that this is the eighth Fast & Furious film.The spin added to the chase sequences here is that they pit (a hesitant) Toretto against the group he usually leads.

Their confusion is what grounds the film, what on earth could Cipher have against their leader to make him an accomplice in a global terrorist plot?  and yet the only emotional beats returning screenwriter Chris Morgan permits come courtesy of Toretto's wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), whose blossoming friendship with seventh film addition Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) is fortunately given room to grow.

The Fast & Furious series became the money maker it is because, in many ways, it was the huge franchise that couldn't which in turn transformed it into something Diesel and company could never have anticipated.