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POSTED AT 02:07 PM 24-12-2018

Fears for more tsunamis after many killed in Indonesia

Image Courtesy: Discover Magazine Blogs

At least 222 people were killed, with hundreds more injured and missing, including members of a pop band, after a tsunami hit the coastline of west Java and Sumatra, Indonesia.

More deadly tsunamis could strike the Indonesian coastline in the coming days, authorities warn, as the volcano which triggered the weekend's devastating wave continues to erupt.

At least 281 people have died from the tsunami, which struck the Indonesian coastline without warning Saturday night. Hundreds more are injured and more than two dozen remain missing.

Eyewitnesses described fleeing for their lives as beachfront homes were swept away in the wave, which is thought to have been caused by underwater landslides following the eruption of the Anak Krakatau volcano.

According to media, the wave reached as high as three meters (10 feet).

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman at Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency, warned Sunday that more tsunamis were possible as long as the volcano remained active.

"We are cautioning the people to remain cautious," Sutopo said. "Agencies are still continuing to analyze the root cause,the Krakatau volcano continues to erupt, which could potentially trigger another tsunami." 

Sources:CNN News