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POSTED AT 01:45 PM 16-05-2018

Govt should change its course in the future – Nalin Bandara

UNP MP Nalin Bandara says he believes that although the current government has done a lot of services, they haven’t done enough to strengthen the economy of the people.

Government mechanisms should also be carried out alongside party reforms, he said.

The public has taught us a lesson at the recent Local Government elections because of a mistake of the UNP, as the ruling party, said the MP.

Reformations or anything wouldn’t help us if the government doesn’t change in to a more attractive course to the public, the parliamentarian said.

According to him, a people-positive agenda which provide relief to the workers should be brought to action within the next 18 months.

Commenting on the fuel price hike, he pointed out that they had maintained the fuel price at the same price for 3 years and although they increased the fuel price, the media doesn’t remind the public of the prices back in 2014.

Charunya Rajakaruna