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POSTED AT 05:49 PM 06-12-2017

Govt takes short term measures to reduce cost of living

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to import rice and coconut to supply local consumers at reasonable prices, in order to prevent price increase of essential food items and maintain the fair level of cost of living.

The prices of essential food items have been increased due to bad weather prevailed in the country and it was decided to take several measures to provide ample supply of essential food items to market.

On a proposal made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Cabinet also decided to facilitate any private institution or CWE to import rice under the direction and supervision of General Treasury, Co-Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Gayantha Karunatilake told the weekly Cabinet press briefing held this morning.
Commenting on the government’s decision, Co-Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said that this will be a benefit to common consumer since they have spent 60 per cent of their daily expenditure for these two essential food items.

The import of coconut products required for industries and general consumption will be carried out under the supervision of Plantation Industries Ministry, the Department of the Government Information

In addition to this decision, Cabinet decided to appoint a Committee of Officials to give proposals on granting further concessions for farmers whose cultivations have been destroyed due to bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) says it will gazette the Maximum Retail Price for several essential commodities today (6).

Accordingly, Maximum Retail Price for Dhal will be Rs 130 per Kg, imported potatoes will be Rs 76 per Kg, the Maximum Retail Price for coconut will be Rs 75.
The CAA said the Maximum Retail Price for dry fish will be revised depending on the variety.