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POSTED AT 01:28 PM 11-04-2016

Have scientists found hell in outer space?


Ever imagine a world with flowing lava and magma pools? a surface shimmering with liquid fire and extreme temperatures? Could science have found the Biblical hell?

The 'Cancri 55 e', is one of the most intriguing planets discovered in recent history thanks to the Spitzer Space Telescope. Nearly two times earth's size, the planet is locked with the Earth's movement, leaving one side scorching hot at all times. The side facing the sun faces temperature as high as 2,000 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere is also composed Hydrogen Cyanide, a heavily poisonous gas that can cause death within minutes of exposure.

Images taken of this rocky exoplanet, with the eerie darkness on the unexposed side in contrast to the fiery glow on the other, makes the imagery very similar to that of the biblical hell.

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