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POSTED AT 01:22 PM 07-03-2017

Improve your corporate etiquette with ‘Hands-On Corporate’

Sanjeev and Kumar’s sequel to ‘The Smart Professional’ on the 15th March

Sanjeev Jayaratnam (Left) and Kumar de Silva (Right)

Corporate trainers, Sanjeev Jayaratnam and Kumar de Silva, are set to host a full-day motivational, skills development and corporate etiquette session on the 15th March, at the Galadari Hotel, Colombo.

The new session, ‘The Hands On Corporate,’ will be held as a sequel to the popular programme from last year, ‘The Smart Professional’. Interactive and practical activities will be conducted during the session to enhance the communication skills and corporate personality of the participants, thereby helping them establish their corporate brand equities.

The programme for the session includes multiple areas of focus, ranging from stress management, to general corporate etiquette. The participants will be trained in the use of business cards, successful office networking, proper smoking techniques, usage of toilets, and handling telephone conversations, one-on-one encounters with customers as well as maintaining social media profiles. The session will also focus on how to negotiate to reach win-win outcomes, improving corporate relationships, correct pronunciation of English words and correct use of accent, handling small talk as well as efficient time management.

“This programme will immensely help participants build their professional image, by learning key aspects that contribute to how they look, communicate with others, how they behave in society, how their personality comes across to others,” said Sanjeev and Kumar, who come with years of experience in successfully conducting motivational and etiquette sessions to corporate individuals.

Sanjeev Jayaratnam, who is a transformational coach, motivational speaker, lecturer, choral conductor, singer and actor, has formerly worked at IFS, Microsoft Sri Lanka, Unilever and MIT. He currently lectures at the Moratuwa University and the Postgraduate Institute of Management at Sri Jayawardenapura University.

Kumar de Silva counts thirty plus years of experience working alongside different corporate organisations across Sri Lanka. An English Honours and French graduate of the University of Kelaniya, de Silva is a Paris-trained television producer and presenter.

The duo can be contacted via, or on 0777 346 806 (Sanjeev) and 0777 379 973 (Kumar).