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POSTED AT 08:23 AM 17-04-2019

Interests of SLFP will be protected always, says Duminda

Image Courtesy: Daily News

Duminda Dissanayake

- Says talks with SLPP likely to drag on
- Central Committee will decide on way forward after report on negotiations is presented
- All SLFP and UPFA members invited to May Day celebrations

The Party Central Committee will take a final decision on the possible alliance between Sri Lanka Freedom Party and Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, only after the final report on the discussions is presented, party national organiser Duminda Dissanayake said yesterday.

However, Dissanayake was insistent that no other party will be able to dominate SLFP.

“We will ensure that the interest of our party are protected, all our party members agree on this,” he told Daily FT.

The former General Secretary of the SLFP was doubtful about the discussions reaching any agreement soon.

“They haven’t been clear about any conditions they want to impose, the discussions scheduled for May is not likely to be the last of it either. They will probably go on until we nominate President Maithripala Sirisena as our candidate again,” he said.

However, Dissanayake spoke positively of the ongoing discussions, noting that the SLPP has not contested any statements made by the SLFP faction on the matter. But a final decision will only be taken after proper analysis of all the conditions for establishing an alliance, he noted.

“Neither Prof. G. L. Peiris nor Dallas Alahapperuma have contradicted anything the SLFP counterparts have said in media, so that is a good sign, but as I see it, the discussions will go on for a longer period,” he said.

The SLFP, set to hold their May Day rally in Gampaha, will invite all its members and members of the United People’s Freedom Alliance, including those who have obtained SLPP membership, Dissanayake confirmed.

“What action will be taken if they don’t attend will have to be seen only after the May Day celebration,” he said.