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POSTED AT 10:33 AM 15-12-2017

JAT Holdings could go public in Singapore – MD

The Managing Director of JAT Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Aelian Gunawardene, says that the company is ready to go public anytime, but they have opted not to go public in Sri Lanka due to ‘uncertainties’ of the stock market.

In an exclusive interview with Ada Derana Biz, he said that even though JAT Holdings is a private company, it is run with an independent Board of Directors.

Mr. Gunawardene said he still holds 80% of the company, while there are a few shareholders who are very prominent shareholders who own the balance 20% and that they run it like an absolute public-quoted company with excellent corporate governance.

“We are ready to go public anytime. I mean we could’ve gone public five years ago if we wanted to. But unfortunately due to the uncertainties of the Sri Lankan stock market, we obviously have decided internally not to go public in Sri Lanka.”

“So if we do go public, we would most probably go public in Singapore in 2019,” he said, in response to a question.