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POSTED AT 07:09 AM 31-03-2019

Kanjipani detained for three months under PTA

Drug kingpin Mohamed Najim Mohamed Imran alias Kanjipani Imran was produced before the Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday. The court granted the Colombo Crimes Division permission to detain him for three months under the PTA

The Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday granted the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) permission to detain drug kingpin Mohamed Najim Mohamed Imran alias Kanjipani Imran for three months under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). According to the Police, he is wanted in connection with three manslaughter charges, 15 attempted murders and illegal drug smuggling charges.

The drug kingpin was produced before Colombo Additional Magistrate Kanchana Neranjana De Silva by the CCD. He was arrested on Wednesday (28) by local law enforcement officers when he attempted to board a flight to the Maldives on arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport from Dubai on flight LZ 547 after the UAE authorities deported him and three others. They were arrested along with Drug Kingpin Makandure Madhush on February 5 by Dubai law enforcement officers.

The CCD reported to court that they had obtained clearance from the Defence Secretary to hold the suspect for three months to question him under the PTA. While counsel appearing on behalf of Kanjipani Imran objected to him being held under the PTA, the Magistrate granted permission to the CCD.

The Police also arrested Anushka Kaushal alias Gandara Janga, Amila Sampath alias Rotumbe Amila and Anderson Fernandez. While Fernandez was released after questioning, Gandara Janga was remanded till April 2. Rotumbe Amila was handed over to the Rotumbe Police for further investigations and was remanded till April 2 by the Morawaka Magistrate.

Drug Kingpin Makandure Madhush and 24 others continue to be in the custody of Dubai law enforcement. According to authoritative sources, a part of the group had appealed against the decision by the Dubai court to deport them to Sri Lanka. They are now challenging the deportation order and want to remain in Dubai or to be deported to another country, other than Sri Lanka. Their appeal will be heard on April 18. However, six others including the notorious drug kingpin Kanjipani Imran were deported to Sri Lanka this week in accordance with the decision of the Dubai court.