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POSTED AT 12:28 PM 13-04-2018

Kutumbaya Resort Anuradhapura offers 50% discount this season

Image courtesy: My Lanka Holiday

The management of Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradhapura has decided to offer an unprecedented 50% discount to local and foreign guests who patronage their hotels this festive season.

These attractive discounts will be offered throughout the months April and May. Accordingly the management says guests will receive a 50 % discount on room rates and a 25% discount on food and beverages.

“We are dedicated in always providing an absolutely fabulous hospitality service to guests who patronage our hotels. We during this festive season decided to offer these special promotions to local and foreign guests as a token of appreciation and a mark of gratitude to the trust they had placed on us throughout the years. Parents who come with their children to pay homage to the holy city of Anuradhapura too, now can benefit from our generous offers and the superior hospitality service provided by us,” said Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradhapura Managing Director Tara Somaweera.

Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradhapura which is situated at the New Anuradhapura town is just 2 km away from the historic holy city of Anuradhapura.

Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradhapura thus have made a name for itself by providing guests the opportunity to seamlessly visit holy places, shrines and other vital cultural heritage places in Anuradhapura, coupled with the excellent hospitality and delicious cuisine which they offer to guests. Tourists also get the opportunity to choice the type of room they require, from the different types available according to their whims and fancies at Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradhapura. 

Kutumbaya Resort and Lavonka Tourist Rest Anuradapura, for a very reasonable charge organise transport facilities for guests to pay homage to holy places including the Athamasthana and other historic places in Anuradapura. Guests also are offered the unique opportunity of getting any delicacy endemic to the North Central province prepared for them by the hotel chefs. 

Kutumbaya Resort is situated at No 803 Freeman Street Anuradapura and Lavonka Tourist Rest in the close proximity of Kutumbaya Resort. More details including accommodation facilities could be obtained by dialling the hotline 0777180308.