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POSTED AT 01:22 PM 18-04-2017

Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse - CMC denies Champika’s allegations

Image courtesy: Lanka Business Online

V K Anura, the Commissioner of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), denied the allegations of Champika Ranawaka, the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, yesterday (17th April) at a press conference.

In February, Minister Ranawaka presented a paper to the Cabinet, stating that the Urban Development Authority (UDA) formally informed the CMC in September 2015 to stop dumping garbage at Meethotamulla. A second notice was reportedly sent in December 2015.

The paper also requested the UDA “to identify a suitable dumping yard in order to mitigate unrest of the community in the surrounding area” since the “Kolonnawa garbage dumping yard had reached its carrying capacity and the yard had grown to a garbage mountain, turning it into a hazard prone region”.

Commissioner Anura, stated that he was not informed of this, and had not stopped garbage being dumped at Meethotamulla. “We were not asked to stop dumping garbage at Meethotamulla,” he said.

Minister Ranawaka, in a press release yesterday, said that the CMC had found alternative dumping sites a while back, but were unable to transfer the garbage there since the residents of these areas protested against it.

“By stirring emotions of the people thus, we are simply going to create another Bloemendhal or Meethotamulla,” he said.