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POSTED AT 02:11 PM 20-03-2017

National Honours awards ceremony today

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The National Honours Investiture Ceremony will be held at 6.00 pm today (20th March) at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre, under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena. This is after a lapse of 12 years, and ninety persons out of 426 applications were nominated for this years awards.

The honours Deshamanya (Titular), Sri Lankabhimanya (Titular), Deshabandu (Titular), Vidyajothi (Titular), Kala Keerthi (Titular), Sri Lanka Sikhamani (Titular), Vidya Nidhi (Titular), Kala Suri (Titular), Sri Lanka Thilaka (Non-titular), Veera Prathapa (Non- titular), will be bestowed at this ceremony.

The awards are handed to the most distinguished persons who made outstanding contributions to the country and its advancement. The nominees must be vouched for by other individuals and public organizations.

The Sri Lanka Ranjana (Titular) will also be presented today. This is the second most prestigious award of the night, and will be won by a non Sri Lankan for their service to the country especially or for their general service to humanity.