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POSTED AT 03:34 PM 11-04-2016

New Ministers and Posh Vehicles

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An interesting chit-chat came up among the Ministers the other day. One Minister’s request to increase the allowance for Ministers’ vehicles is said to have caused the chatter.

This politician who lost the election but still made it to Parliament, has now got the chance to experience Ministerial perks too.

Apparently, this ‘new’ Minister wanted a posh new vehicle, and started hunting for something that would befit his new found status. Two vehicles apparently caught his fancy; a BMW and a Mercedes. Alas, what stood in his way was a matter of resources; both the cars cost more than the meager Rs. 35 Million vehicle allowance for Ministers.

Seeing as one of his choices cost Rs. 40 Million and the other Rs. 70 Million, the new Minister decided to suggest that the ministerial vehicle allowance should be pumped up. Thankfully, even if he didn’t realise it, the other Ministers knew the situation in the country, and quietly slipped away from his suggestion.

Although it looks like the idea has been shelved for now, only time will tell if it resurfaces at a later date.

One thing’s for sure, the new Minister’s posh vehicle dream remains unrealised.