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POSTED AT 04:22 PM 24-03-2016

No torches inside the Parliament, Speaker tells MP

UPFA Parliamentarian Sisira Jayakody has been taken to task by the Speaker of the Parliament, Karu Jayasuriya, after protesting inside the Parliament with a lit up electric torch yesterday (23rd March).

The MP had been protesting the statement made by the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy regarding the frequent power breakdowns experienced last week.

The Speaker had summoned the MP to his chambers to inquire into the incident. He had informed the MP that bringing such items into Parliament was not allowed, and as a result of his actions security will have to be tightened at Parliament.

The Parliamentarian had stated that, as a public representative, he felt the need to protest the Minister's statement; for even as he was speaking, several areas of the island did not have power.

The Speaker informed the MP that he would not be taking further action on the matter, and that he should take care not to repeat such an action in the future.