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POSTED AT 07:50 AM 02-02-2019

No wild animals but wild politicos: MS

Image Courtesy: Ada Derana

There are no wild animals, wild trees or wild forests as such but only wild politicians and wild people, President Maithripala Sirisena said yesterday.

He said this at Rajagiriya after declaring open a new building of the Finance Commission.

“I know quite well how politicians and officials become corrupt and engage in misdeeds ruining the economy, the establishments they give leadership and the country. But I can’t reveal these things now because they will say I am trying to disrupt the system. They will go on strike. I hope to write a book after my retirement on how politicians and officials destroyed this country based on the experience I have by remaining in politics for 40 years. I hope the Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe will also will write a book on the same subject after his retirement,” the President said.

“Former education minister I.M.R.A. Iriyagolla composed a popular song sung by schoolchildren. The first line went like this: Loke Uthum Rata Laknawai, Lankawai Siri Lankawai. If we sing this song today it must be changed like this: Loken lokuma horu Lankawei, Lankawei Siri Lankawei,” the President said.

Climbing the steps of the Finance Commission new building, he said he was glad that several steps had to be climbed to enter the building and he felt like climbing the Siripada when he stepped up to the reception.

“Lifts are for lazy people. It is sad that our people are reluctant to climb even few stairs in a building and then complain about blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. We must make it a habit to climb a few steps every day. When I was the Health Minister, I never used the lift to go to my room located on the 3rd floor,” the President said. 

Sandun A Jayasekera