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POSTED AT 11:23 AM 28-02-2019

Pakistan again asks India to resolve issues through dialogue

Image Courtesy: Dunya News

ISLAMABAD, Feb 27 (APP):Asking its eastern neighbour to exhibit prudence and sanity, Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said Pakistan and India could not afford any miscalculation and dialogue was the only option to address their issues.

“I ask India that with same weapon power, can we afford any miscalculation? We cannot, neither I, nor Prime Minister Modi,” Imran said in his address to the nation hours after the Pakistan Air Force shot down two MiG-21 aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

Indian Mirage 2000 aircraft had on Tuesday crossed the Line of Control and dumped their payload near Balakot before exiting.

Taking the nation into confidence in a live televised address, the Prime Minister said, “Better sense should prevail .... we need to sit down to resolve our issues through dialogue.”

The Prime Minister said it was important for Pakistan and India to exhibit prudence and sanity as all big wars had happened because of miscalculation.

Imran Khan said the major world wars were rooted in miscalculation and mentioned the prolonged World War I and II, Vietnam War and the US invasion of Afghanistan that spanned over 17 years.

He said Pakistan had repeatedly asked India to cooperate, if they had any evidence on the Pulwama incident.

He said despite his assurance, he had the doubt that India would not listen to his advice, keeping in view its forthcoming general election. He said he had warned India that Pakistan would be forced to retaliate in case of any misadventure.

He said Pakistan had offered India to cooperate, “as it was not in Pakistan’s interest to let its soil be used against any other country, and also use of someone else’s soil against Pakistan. There is no disagreement on this.”

Imran Khan said Pakistan was fully prepared, as it had doubts that India would indulge in any misadventure after the Pulwama incident.

“India is itself the Judge, Jury and Executor on the Pulwama incident,” he said and added that was why he had warned India that Pakistan would be forced to retaliate.

He said Pakistan did not respond yesterday (Tuesday) as it had to wait for damage assessment, whether there was any casualty or not.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan today shot down two Indian Mig-21fighter aircraft and captured their pilots in its own territory and again asked India to come to the negotiating table.