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POSTED AT 10:15 AM 18-08-2017

Play-script launch

A collection of five short-drama play scripts, including BOX which won the best actor/actress, script, direction at the state drama festival along with 2010, Dinosaur’s Love, Hello and Bermuda by Chalaka Ranasooriya will be launched at Western Province Aesthetic Resort on August 20 at 2.30 pm.

BOX saha Thawath Katha (Box and other stories) is a Sayura publication. This will be accompanied by Hatharawana Jayasinghe (Jayasinghe the IV): a collection of short stories by Samitha B. Atuwabendela which is a publication of Kavivara will also be launched on the same day.

The speeches will be delivered by K K Saman Kumara, Upul Shantha Sannasgala, Sudath Gamini Bandara along with the staging of Box and Hello. All are cordially invited.