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POSTED AT 01:29 PM 02-10-2015

Political Tango at the Ballroom

A lavish ball was held last week by two of the country’s most prominent Buddhist schools to felicitate their alumni, recently elected to Parliament. The event saw many handholds, fine footwork and a lot of political tango. 

One bit of gossip to emerge from the event concerned former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and a newly elected young parliamentarian from his rival school. 

The young parliamentarian was seen slowly creeping up to the former President. His behaviour quickly caught the attention of the crowd, since the youngster had burst into the limelight by claiming that the former President would be no match for him were he to contest against him in his own electorate.

Upon noticing the youngster sidling up to him, the former President had said “I heard you came to Tangalle… Well, why didn’t you come visit me?”. 

The youngster had given a characteristically wide grin and replied, “Sir, I came to Carlton House to see you, sir. They said you were not in. So I turned around...”

The former President replied “Ah yes, I was not in at that time. I was at Madamulana. If you had turned up there, you could have stayed for lunch!”

After seeing this exchange an onlooker was heard to slyly mutter that the young man had a bright future in Sri Lankan Politics.