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POSTED AT 02:56 PM 23-06-2016

Premier denies luxury for FB heroes

A supplementary estimate for Ministerial vehicles got tongues wagging not too long in the Parliament, with people rising up in arms about a Rs. 1.1 Billion allocation for luxury vehicles at a time when the country was reeling from back to back natural disasters.

The situation got out of hand to such an extent that the Premier intervened to put a halt to the purchases until funds were allocated for disaster relief.

That however was not the end of it...

The Cabinet too had been talking about the vehicle matter. They were saying that some Ministers who were due vehicles had declared on Facebook and to the media, that they didn't need luxury vehicles. This apparently earned them the ire of several other Ministers.

They took exception to the conduct of some Ministers going against a collective agreement, and voicing their opposition to the vehicle purchase. Some others grumbled that the estimate had been made inclusive of all taxes, which made the sum seem extravagant in the public eye.

Yet another Minister from Galle complained that his current vehicle which was an old one, did extremely bad on fuel. He wondered why people didn't realise the new vehicles will be better, but instead chose to scold them for being extravagant after reading misleading news reports.

Meanwhile, the Premier dropped a bombshell on the Ministers. He said that he didn't know what went in the papers, but he had decided to give vehicles to those who wanted them, and that those who went public against it on Facebook will not be getting any.