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POSTED AT 04:55 PM 23-03-2016

Ranil offers a dozen to Mahinda’s one Namal

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has stated that he gave way for the younger politicians in the party to take the forefront at the UNP Rally held on the 15th of March, in order to develop the second and third tiers of the party leadership.

The Premier made these observations during a casual conversation with UNP parliamentarians at the Parliament complex.

"I didn’t even ascend the stage on that day, as I wanted the younger members to shine. We must give the opportunity for the younger people to take up party responsibilities, while we build the country."

“When the Rajapaksas were training one Namal, I trained a dozen Namal’s and paved the way for the future”, the Premier said with a smiling face.