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POSTED AT 02:28 PM 09-04-2018

STAX launches digital offering

STAX Managing Director Dr. Kumudu Gunasekera

STAX, the leading management consultancy in Sri Lanka, announced the launch of a new suite of digital solutions, geared towards unleashing the full potential of Sri Lankan corporates. Whether start-up or long-established business, the newly-developed offering is aimed at delivering continuous value throughout the digital value chain. 

The STAX offering comprises of a comprehensive suite of services, aimed at addressing the core digital requirements of Sri Lankan businesses. Their proprietary Digitisation Index is an entry-level solution, aimed at assisting companies to identify their current digital positioning in relation to their competitors & global industry benchmarks. This allows these businesses to understand where they currently stand on the digitisation spectrum, and take corrective - or in some cases proactive - steps to ensure long-term sustainability. STAX also supports clients in developing end-to-end digital roadmaps which cover every aspect of an organisation— from digitalising customer interactions, to optimising internal operating processes. To ensure value realisation, STAX offers implementation support across all its services, ensuring the effective operationalisation of strategies. 

STAX believes that to remain competitive in today’s world, radical digital reinvention is needed. Simply having an e-commerce platform or digitising customer interactions is insufficient. Real digital reinvention requires rethinking the business itself.

“These circumstances create unprecedented challenges, but are also capable of yielding organisation-defining success for those firms that can analyse trends and understand their meaning; taking agile decisions that will redefine their core value proposition,” said STAX Managing Director Dr. Kumudu Gunasekera.

Geared towards providing Sri Lankan corporates with the tools necessary to evaluate, launch and grow their digital presence, the STAX approach to digital strategy allows for businesses to analyse key demographics, refine product offerings and accurately gauge consumer behaviour to generate unmatched returns on their digital investments. 

Dr. Gunasekera explained: “With the types of technological advancements that have been steadily entering the Sri Lankan market over the recent past, most corporates are keenly aware that now is the best time to be making investments into the digital space, and to explore opportunities for future growth. There are already numerous examples of how the changing face of digital is driving economic growth and levelling the competitive playing field, enabling anyone from start-ups to established players to disrupt and compete head-to-head with market leaders through the deployment of a smart digital strategy. Therefore, STAX is confident of a major boom in digital investments over the short to medium term.” 

Founded in Boston almost 25 years ago, STAX has earned a reputation for delivering rich, insight-driven consulting solutions that open up incremental and transformative growth opportunities for clients. Its clientele spans a diverse range, from mid-sized corporates and family businesses, to some of the world’s largest investment funds and Fortune 500 companies. With its entry into the Sri Lankan market in 2005, the company is now Sri Lanka’s leading management consulting firm, with a well-established reputation for in-depth fact-based analysis and invaluable business insight.