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POSTED AT 02:41 PM 01-01-2019

Sri Lanka initiates action against violations of local language laws at Chinese project sites

Image Courtesy: Colombo Gazette

Sri Lanka has initiated actions against Chinese projects that are violating the local language laws in the country.

It was discovered that several Chinese project sites in the island nation of South Asia used the Mandarin and English language for the billboards and ignored the official languages: Sinhala and Tamil.

The Minister of National Integration, Official Languages, Social Progress and Hindu Religious Affairs tweeted that an action has been initiated against these sites.

“We can not tolerate violations of local language laws on Chinese sites in Sri Lanka, we want to provide assistance, if necessary, and plan to participate with everyone, including the # Chinese embassy,” Mano Ganesan wrote.

Mano initiated an action against the use of the Mandarin language after receiving complaints.

“The Chinese in Sri Lanka must respect local laws, we are receiving complaints on bulletin boards in Chinese projects that use scripts in Mandarin and English, but we only ignore both languages or one of the official languages, IE., Sinhalese and Tamil”, wrote.

The authorities of Sri Lanka believe that the complete ignorance of the official languages of Sri Lanka in the Chinese project sites is an attack on the culture that unites the insular country.

Source: ANI