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POSTED AT 11:19 AM 21-03-2017

Sri Lanka ranked 120th in ‘World Happiness report’

Image courtesy: Daily FT

The latest ‘World Happiness report’ judging the “subjective well being of people” saw Sri Lanka ranked 120th out of 155 countries in this years report.

Nevertheless, the report suggested that Sri Lankans are less happier than they were between 2013-2015 when Sri Lanka was placed 117th.

The top places in the list were dominated by Scandinavian and western European countries with Norway leading the way.

Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland brought up the top 5.

The US and UK were ranked 14th and 19th, respectively.

Countries ravaged by war and those of the Sub-Saharan region saw predictably low scores. Syria was placed 152nd, Yemen 146th and the Central African Republic came last.

The World Happiness Report was released yesterday (20th March) to coincide with United Nations’ International Day.