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POSTED AT 03:16 PM 28-02-2017

Sri Vinayagar Hindu Kovil refurbished by Kanrich Finance

The Head Priests of the Kovil perforimg rituals at the opening ceremony of the refurbished Kovil premises

The Sri Vinayagar Hindu Kovil in Vavuniya was recently refurbished under the ‘Sasunata Diriyak’ initiative by Kanrich Finance. This was the 12th ‘Sasunata Diriyak’ project undertaken by Kanrich Finance.

The opening ceremony of the refurbished Kovil was attended by Eranda Amal Godage, General Manager of Kanrich Finance, Pradeep Basnayake, Deputy General Manager, Shyamini Fernando, Assistant General Manager, Waruna Walgama, Assistant General Manager, and other executive officers of Kanrich Finance.

Executive officers of Kanrich Finance at the opening ceremony

The ceremony was ritualistically led by the Kovil’s two head priests, Rev. Divagara, and Rev. Prabhagara.

The Sri Vinayagar Hindu Kovil is a religious site with a splendid cultural heritage, which dilapidated over the course of the 30 year civil war in the North. Following the renovation sponsored exclusively by Kanrich Finance Ltd, the Kovil’s cultural significance is once again restored.