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POSTED AT 05:34 PM 23-11-2016

Sunsilk and Ramani Fernando present ‘Hair Story’

Courtesy: Ogilvy Public Relations

Sunsilk and Ramani Fernando revealed Sunsilk’s new and vibrant hair care range in an exciting event themed ‘Hair Story’.

The new Sunsilk range, has been co-created by seven of the world’s top hair experts, and is the brand’s most effective formula, yet. Some of the variants which have been significantly improved are; Thick and Long, Soft and Smooth, Perfect Straight and Damage Restore, catering to a variety of Sri Lankan hair care needs.

Sunsilk, together with Ramani Fernando unveiled the new range during the event which celebrated the 40th anniversary of Ramani’s career as a pioneering hairdresser.

The event showcased the future of hair care in enthralling hair fashion segments which projected trending hairstyles for the upcoming year.

Marketing Director-Personal Care for Unilever Sri Lanka, Sharmila Bandara said that Sunsilk’s promise of ‘hair on your side’ has stayed true for over 6 decades, evolving and always tuned into what girls want and need.

”We are arming generations with the potential to be more. Taking hair from an indulgent space into an empowering and necessary one. Something they can count on, and will always have on their side,” she said.

Founder of Ramani Fernando Salons, Ramani Fernando said “I had the pleasure of partnering with Sunsilk at an early stage in my career and it was an honour for me to be associated with such iconic names in the industry.”

She added that her proudest contribution with Sunsilk to the community has been in training talented young hairdressers and engaging them in various meaningful programmes which redefined, and brought the idea of hairdressing to a higher pedestal in Sri Lanka.

Hair fashion 2017 by Sunsilk [Courtesy: Ogilvy Public Relations]