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POSTED AT 03:45 PM 07-11-2017

Swedish digital accounting firm Wint partners with Creative Software

Image Courtesy: Daily Mirror

Wint is a Swedish firm that develops artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud solutions for smarter and more efficient accounting.

This year Wint set out to expand their development team to meet the increasing demand for their services. They considered options both in and beyond their native Sweden, ultimately deciding to partner with Creative Software and form a dedicated team of software professionals in Sri Lanka.

According to CTO Anders Josefsson, Creative Software – besides being one of the leaders in Sri Lanka’s software industry – came highly recommended and their offering suited Wint’s requirement perfectly.   

“We needed a flexible and low-risk way to grow our team,” said Josefsson. “On top of that, it is of course imperative that we maintain the high quality of our offering. We received excellent first-hand references for Creative Software. It didn’t take us long to decide to establish a dedicated team with them in Sri Lanka.”

The first team of Wint engineers at Creative Software is preparing to join forces with their Swedish colleagues. Together, they will work to transform accounting from a laborious and sometimes cumbersome process into a few simple taps on a mobile screen or desktop keyboard. 

“As we are introducing more and more AI technology, the accounting processes our customers use will be even more streamlined and, in some instances, fully automated,” added Josefsson.

The solution allows users to go virtually paperless as Wint collects, processes and circulates almost all paperwork digitally. 

Creative Software’s Engineering Director Channa De Silva said that Wint’s Sri Lankan team is excited to commence work on this innovative project.

“We love Wint’s out-of-the-box and cloud-enabled approach to accounting, as well as their commitment to simplicity,” said De Silva. “We believe that their product has great potential and we are excited to see what the future holds for Wint and our collaboration.”