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POSTED AT 05:48 PM 12-07-2016

The British Prime Minister-to-be makes her first hilarious U-turn

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Home Secretary Theresa May, who will offcially be the next Prime Minister of United Kingdom, has been caught on camera looking more hapless than happy when she had emerged from Number 10, Downing Street, and promptly turned the wrong way.

She may have been excited after Prime Minister David Cameron’s 215th and final Cabinet meeting that she confidently strode seven paces towards St James’s Park.

Realizing her mistake, she grimaced at the cameras before walking the other way in a scene which has given way to hilarious commentary on social media platforms.

Her worst mistake would be passing the famous black door of No. 10 where photographers wanted her to pose for pictures, wherein she doubled back and stood by it to wave.

The Home Secretary then exited the Downing Street address, which will be her home from tomorrow (13th July)

Watch a video of the incident here:‚Äč