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POSTED AT 03:01 PM 25-12-2018

Torento Engineering wins the Best Innovative Enterprise Award in Western Province

Torento Engineering won the Entrepreneur Award for the Best Innovative Enterprise, the Silver Award for the Best Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneur Award for the Best Entrepreneur in the Medium Category, Industry Sector, at the Western Province Entrepreneur Awards 2018 organised by the National Chamber of Commerce (NCC) recently. 

Torento Engineering Enterprises was started in 1986 by its Managing Director Jeewanasuri Dayantha De Soyza as a means of self-employment. Since then the business has grown to be the only local company to produce machinery needed to make shoes in the country. The company’s main aim was to fill the vacuum in the Sri Lankan market for machinery needed to make shoes.

In 1994 another company named Torento Cutting Dies was also launched, through which they sought to provide and sell accurate cutting dies in any shape and style to shoe manufacturers. At the same time they also started to manufacture machines needed for industries producing other accessories, gloves, headwear, polythene bags, envelopes, garments and other items. 

In 2004 Torento Cutting Dies and Torento Enterprises were merged to form the private liability company Torento Engineering. In 2006 the company started to export machines to Papua New Guinea, South Africa, India, Oman and various other countries. 

In 2011 Torento Engineering celebrated their 25th Anniversary on a grand scale. Of special note is that no local company manufactures the kind of machinery they do and most products are imported. Focusing on being a more environmentally-friendly business, the company has also introduced an electric battery-run vehicle. 

Over the last 32 years Torento Engineering has won over 50 national and international awards. All Torento products are ISO certified ensuring their high quality standard.