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POSTED AT 10:50 AM 09-10-2016

VIP son goes berserk in nightclub?

Illustration of a fight in a club [Courtesy:]

Social Media is abuzz about a brawl at a popular Colombo nightclub, purported to have been instigated by the offspring of a Very Important Person in the country.

According to social media and some local media reports, the ‘Clique’ nightclub was attacked by pole wielding security personnel led by the ‘pious’ son of a VIP, who was apparently enraged after being refused entry to the club on the early hours of Saturday (8th October).

The group had first attacked the guards posted outside the club, and had then proceeded to smash in its windows prior to forcibly entering the premises and even assaulting some patrons of the club in the process.

According to online reports, one employee of the Club who was seriously injured has been admitted to the accident service of the Colombo National Hospital. It is alleged that he is being “guarded” by the same security unit that was involved in the brawl.

Sources state that the Police has collected CCTV recordings of the alleged incident from the nightclub and from adjacent buildings. However, it is not clear which unit of the Police has been responsible for the collection of the tapes, and what, if anything, will be done about this incident.

This is not the first time the young man said to be behind the alleged attack has been in the news for the wrong reasons. A prominent Parliamentarian affiliated with the Joint Opposition has already had a field day thanks to this latest incident, and it is likely that much more will be said before all is done with regard to this particular escapade.