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POSTED AT 03:51 PM 14-03-2017

Vaseline showcases beauty portfolio at ‘Skin Health Week’

Vaseline, the frontrunner of the skin care industry in Sri Lanka, hosted an informative panel discussion on 10th March, to educate the public on the importance of protecting and nourishing body skin. The discussion was held parallel to Vaseline’s launch of the ‘Skin Health Week’, as part of its ‘Skin by Vaseline’ campaign.

Joining the panel discussion for the evening were Human Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Lasith Uyanage, popular beautician, Ramani Fernando, and former Miss Sri Lanka, Rozanne Dias. Nilushi Jayatilleke and Munazza Rafeek also sat at the panel, representing Unilever Sri Lanka.

Beauty from the inside out

Opening the discussion, Dr. Uyanage emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy body skin by consuming food and beverages that supple and nourish the skin particles. Accordingly, Dr. Uyanage stated that the consumption of leafy greens and food products containing citric acid will help maintain the health of the body skin.

However, due to the tropical climatic conditions faced by Sri Lankans, Dr. Uyanage opined that exercises may not deliver the expected benefits. ‘Exposure to harsh sunrays could damage the skin excessively, and in turn cancel out the benefits that exercising is supposed to yield,’ he said.

Endorsing his views on maintaining skin health internally, beautician Ramani Fernando, owner of Ramani Fernando Salons, touted what she termed the ‘water therapy’ for maintaining favourable body skin health. Relating an anecdote of a beautician who trained under her before migrating to Australia, Fernando reassured that no other solution for dry and damaged skin works as effectively as consuming two litres of water every day.

Ramani Fernando speaking to the media

However, she was also of the opinion that applying moisturizer on a regular basis is also as important as natural remedies. Stating that the balance between internal and external maintenance of the skin is the most important, Fernando said that the right balance needs to be practised from a very young age to ensure the persistence of healthy skin as an individual grows older.

Moisturising not for tan-phobia

Contributing to the discussion, former Miss Sri Lanka, Rozanne Diasz, drew from her experience as a former model and beauty queen to explain why good skin health matters. Revealing that she was most admired when she represented Sri Lanka at the Miss Universe pageant in 2005 for her tan skin tone, Diasz said that Sri Lankans are deluded by a false notion of skin fairness, causing them to overlook the actual health of body skin.

Former Miss Sri Lanka, Rozanne Diasz, speaking after the panel discussion

Diasz also suggested the importance of applying skin moisturizer twice daily, as part of the habitual daily routine, instead of applying lotion irregularly only when bad skin resurfaces. ‘Now in my mid thirties, with kids and a busier career, I still find two minutes every morning and night to moisturize my skin,’ she added.

Bringing Vaseline to the fore

However, Marketing Manager of Unilever Sri Lanka, Nilushi Jayatilleke, noted the general lack of interest among Sri Lankans for body skin products such as Vaseline. The panel unanimously agreed that the local hype for skin beauty does not extend beyond facial products, leading to poor body skin health among a majority  of Sri Lankan adults.

‘Due to this, our Vaseline team recently organized a skin health awareness programme in the Central Province,’ said Munazza Hafeez, award winning marketer at Unilever Sri Lanka. She added that similar programs have previously been conducted in the North Central Province to promote the use of body moisturizers among the local population, and that many more of such nature will be conducted in the future.

Nilushi Jayatilleke and Munazza Rafeek attended the event, representing Unilever Sri Lanka

‘We will be revisiting the same communities on an annual basis to ensure that they get into the habit of using body moisturizers such as Vaseline to maintain healthy body skin,’ Jayatillake went on to add.

The evening concluded with free skin dryness checkup sponsored by Vaseline for the attendees, as well as a free distribution of Vaseline skin care products.