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POSTED AT 10:37 AM 19-03-2019

Weaving lyrics with melodies

Ricky and Shyanne

Performing in front of a crowd or auditioning is nerve-wracking but if you stay focused you can combat the anxiety and win the hearts of those who watch and listen to you. Being a singer or a performer is not an easy task.

In today’s digital age there are endless singers hoping to make it by promoting themselves with videos, blogs and social media. While these things are tools that can be helpful, there is nothing more important than making yourself memorable allowing people to get a glimpse of who you really are and more importantly to remember who you are.

Daily News melodies came across a young talented girl who is silently striving to find her special place in Sri Lankan Western Music industry. Shyanna Bahar is a singer, lyricist, music composer and an audio engineer.

“I am silently working on carving my place in the Sri Lankan Western Music industry. Music is in my blood. I do all my songs from the lyrics to the tune and to the making of the track. I am currently focusing on building a name for myself as a performer and an entertainer here in Sri Lanka,” Shyanne said.

Born the eldest daughter of Ricky Bahar who leads `Ricky and Legacy’ and eldest granddaughter of Ishan Bahar, both musicians from 60’s and 70’s era, Shyanne had already the path created to enter her life of music.

“Frankly I cannot dodge my father’s influence on my career as a musician. My father Ricky Bahar has been my best mentor and guide, as unlike the usual words of folks who would only have nice things to say about my performances he would give me the truth and wouldn’t sugar coat his critique which has helped me tremendously to progress as a musician and as a person. Most certainly my mother Jennifer has been my strength and positive energy right throughout my life to this date,” she said of the strengths behind her success.

This talented young girl found the perfect mentor to refine her abilities.

“Being mentored by my father’s dear friend Ranga Dassanayake was one of the greatest blessings in my music career. He is a kind and patient teacher and is so generous in sharing his knowledge. The most wonderful thing is that he knows how to teach and give their knowledge to another. That’s a rare blessing that very few teachers or for that matter lecturers have. I am not experienced nor qualified enough to say however in my opinion he is one of the greatest composers, recording engineers and lecturers Sri Lanka has and he has the qualifications to back it as well. The knowledge that I gathered is immensely helpful to me to date in my live performance as well as when i compose my original music. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he thought me,” Shyanne added.

Being a lyricist where does Shyanne find her inspiration?

“This is a very interesting part of being a composer. Most of my inspiration is from my very own life. And my experience with God the fathers love for me I can relate and connect with my song writing. I am blessed with the gift of writing and composing. I hear the melody in my head while I write the lyrics to the song that I write. I have a total of 14 plus songs which I have written and composed to date,” she stated.

Commencing her journey as a professional singer with her father’s band Ricky and Legacy, Shyanne has won many hearts entertaining the Sri Lankan music lovers.

“My journey as a professional singer commenced with my dad’s band Ricky and Legacy performing at the Curve. After which I branched out in to my solo career performing at Kingsbury and many other corporate events as well. I have been featured regularly at “Elevate” as well. I also performed for Imran Saibo - Classic Funtime. All these experiences have strengthened me to be a professional singer,” she explained.

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you but you have to win it. Thus Shyanne strives hard to win the prize she deserves in life. She leaves the island shortly to perform at an overseas event. “I was looking for a break overseas for a long time and I must thank Uncle CJ Chris Dasan very specially for channeling the opportunity for me to go overseas to perform. I leave the island for my endeavor this week,” she said.

Life of a professional singer might seem glamorous but it is hard work. Shyanne is determined to achieve her place no matter what it takes and Melodies wish her all success in her endeavors. 

Ruwanthi Abeyakoon